Does Masturbation Affects Muscle growth ?


A lot of people ask me about this issue, and I feel it is really a big issue in bodybuilding, especially for youngster because the younger generation is quite involved in sex and masturbation. There are would be some queries  in your mind, like;

1- Does Masturbation or Sex affects Muscles ?
2- How often should they be done in the week ?
3- Does this make you weaker ? Does Releasing Sperm make you weaker ?
4- Does this Affects Sperm Quality ? and many more queries.

5- Does Sperm Help Build Muscle ?

Don’t worry we are here with all solutions and facts you should know, keep reading;

1- Does Masturbation or Sex Affects Muscles ?


By now you should have known that everything in the human body depends on the hormones, testosterone is the hormone in male which is responsible for all types of productions whether its sperm production, muscles production or strength growth.
A normal human produces 6 mg of testosterone a day, in that 6 mg of testosterone, our body has to produce sperms, focus on body and muscles growth. Whenever we masturbate or enjoy sex our body release sperms then the first job of our body is to produce new sperms, which will be done by Testosterone and it takes 24-48 hrs to produce new sperms, for that period of time Testosterone will give full focus to sperm production and will totally ignore muscle growth, and your muscles will not grow until the sperm is fully produced.
So, yes masturbation or sex affects muscle growth.

2- How Often Should They Be Done In The Week ?


Sex is every human’s need, we all want to enjoy our life and sex is the most important and loving way of enjoy but as I above said it affects muscle growth, So you have to do this in a limit. As I above said, it takes 24-48 hrs to re produce sperms, so you can’t have sex everyday.
I suggest you to do it once in every 10 days or twice in a month, if you are really dedicated towards your fitness goals and want a good muscle growth.

3- Does This Make You Weaker or Does Releasing Sperm Make You Weaker ?


Yes, it certainly does. Semen has many vital ingredients necessary for body’s healthy functioning, and sperms are re-utilized by the body to do several important functions in the body. Semen and sperms are the vital energy force of the body so losing it means weakening the body. Masturbation does many harms to the entire body, it weakens the immune system, it disturbs the functions of the blood, it negatively affects hormones, it can create constipation, it corrupts the digestive system, it weakens the pelvic muscles and is a disease creator. Unfortunately, most people and doctors say that masturbation is harmless or healthy with the inconclusive medical research yet. You can try not masturbating for about two months and see how you feel more energetic, confident and focused, and compare that with how you used to feel earlier.
So masturbating on daily basis will surely affects your physical health but if you masturbate once or twice a month only then there is no need to worry about it, just have a clean and healthy diet and enjoy your life. So, yess releasing sperm makes you weaker.

4- Does Masturbate Affects Sperm Quality ?


Neither sperm quality nor sperm count get affected by masturbation, sperm production is a natural process so it can’t be affected by human’s behaviour.
Our body produce around 100 million sperms a days even if your masturbate twice a day, But I am not suggesting you to do so, i hope its clear that it doesn’t affect sperm and muscle growth.


1- Masturbate twice a month.
2- Excess of masturbation affects your muscles growth.
3- Do not keep yourself in tension due to masturbation.
4- It makes you weaker.
5- It affects your immune system which leads to the many internal diseases.
6- Does releasing sperm makes you weaker ? yes, it does.
7- Our body takes 24-48 hrs to re produce sperms.

watch this video for more information;

Thanks for reading this post, i hope your question ” Does Masturbation Affects Muscle growth and does releasing sperm make you weaker ? ” has been explained above drop your  comment below if I missed something so that I can correct my mistakes in next  post.

Written By Abhishek Tiwari or Fitabhishek

I hope you got your answer on ” Does Masturbation Affects Muscle growth ? ”

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