Importance Of Pre Workout Meal

importance of pre workout mealI earlier told you the importance of post workout meal, this time we will discuss on importance of pre workout meal. As you know bodybuilding is all about workout, diet, and rest. Meal plays a vital role in bodybuilding, especially during competitive season it is not less than breath.

Like every meal, pre workout meal is also an important one, Mostly, people have a fear of Cramping, which is the reason they avoid pre workout meal but If your goal is to build muscle mass, you can’t perform well without a nutritious pre workout meal.

Let’s take an example of motorbike, it needs fuel to work and if it doesn’t get it, it won’t give its best what it could. Assume yourself as motorbike and fuel as pre workout meal you need.

Your body and muscles need some micro and macro nutrients, which they will use during exercises, to make your workout more effective and productive and keep yourself energize and active throughout the workout, and If you don’t provide them one Your body will get tired soon and the muscle breakdown will be very fast, which is not a good sign .

I hope you understand why pre workout meal is important.

Now, most of you must be confused about what should be in your stomach before workout.

Basically, here you need to think about what a human body needs during workout.

Energy, Muscle recovery and power to lift heavy, and endurance… Right ?

Macro nutrients are enough to fulfill requirements mention above ;

importance of pre workout meal

  • Carbohydrates

Energy is the biggest requirement of our body during workout and carbohydrates is the biggest source of Energy, as carbohydrates supply glucose (sugar) to our body but there is no need to go for those harmful sugary drinks.

Instead of sugary drinks you should go for a meal load with 35% of your daily carb. As there  are two types of carbs ;

  • Simple Carbs – when we intake simple carbs, it rapidly breakdown into its smallest form i,e; glucose which in turn delivers energy to our body, this energy can’t be stored hence used up by our body even though we might not need it, this is its one drawback. Simple carbs takes around 30 – 60 minutes to digest.


  • Complex Carbs – At the other hand complex carb digest much more slowly and take a longer time to breakdown into glucose as compare to simple carb, and release their energy gradually over time whenever our body need it. Complex carbs takes around 60 – 90 minutes to digest, sometimes it can take upto 120 mins.


So, Make sure the carb you intake before workout must be complex carb, so that it will supply glucose to your body gradually over time.


  • Protein

A major macro nutrient which is required by our body is protein. I have told you earlier why we need whey protein. Our muscle needs amino acids in the form of protein, the building blocks of our muscles. Mostly people prefer high dosage of protein in their post workout meal to recover their muscles. But you should also consume some amount of protein in pre workout meal. As your body needs enough power to lift heavy weights.

Though protein take quite more time to digest as compare to carbs but Like carbs, you have to be sure about what protein you are going to load is high quality and digestion time must be good.


  • Fats

Though mostly, people avoid fats, but do you know #fats plays a major role when it comes to endurance. There are two types of fats ;

  • Saturated fats – these fats are considered as bad fats, as they affect our cholesterol level which leads to heart problems.
  • Unsaturated fats – these fats are considered as good fats, as they do not affect cholesterol level so much.

And according to American health research centre, a human should consume 6-7% of their daily calories from fats, which is around 48-56 calories from fats, which is enough to raise your body fat %. So, I suggest you to intake not more than 3-4 % of your calories from fats, which will make protein release slowly to your body gradually over time.


Timing is the key

Importance Of Pre Workout Meal

Now, the question is how long before my workout should I eat ? because it takes time to digest and supply nutrition to muscles, and your food should be digested and absorbed completely.

Well, larger meal take 3-4 hours to digest, where as light meal take 2-3 hours to digest and snacks can digest in 30 minutes. And you all need to know that everyone have different metabolism, so digestion speed is different for every body type, so its on you to choose what’s work for you, keep experimenting on yourself and find what’s best for you.


If your goal is fat lossImportance Of Pre Workout Meal

You have heard about this earlier, that avoiding pre workout meal helps in fat loss. which means working out on an empty stomach will leads to quick fat loss and it is scientifically proved, but Do you know the science behind it ?

As I said above our body needs energy during workout, and glycogen stores supply glucose which turns into energy and used by our body in workout. But what happen if glycogen store is empty, simple there will be no glucose or we can say there is no energy to put into workout, will we be able to exercise then ? definitely yes.

The moment there is no glucose, our body will be more likely to use fat as the major source of energy. Which means more and quick fat loss,

This is why morning time is considered as the best workout timing for fat loss, because over night your body have consumed all glucose and left glycogen store empty, so there is only fat will be left as the source of energy. but make sure your workout should be weightless, because weighted workout needs high volume of energy and efforts.

But fats works slowly, So you need something more which will keep you energize and active during  workout, so I suggest you to go for Green Tea or Black Coffee both contains caffeine though green tea contains low amount of caffeine but still it will work.


What are some best pre workout meals ?

In earlier days, bodybuilder prefer to eat curd and boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes , as this contains high volume of carbs and little amount of protein too and this is all they want in their workout session. But now days everything has changed, there are plenty of dishes available, which we can use as our pre workout meal.

Given below are some delicious pre workout meal with their nutritional value;

  • High Protein Oatmeal with Blueberry or StrawberryImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Protein with peanut butter energy ballsImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Banana Smoothie or Fruit SmoothieImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Banana with Peanut ButterImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Plain Greek Yogurt With Berries And GranolaImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Apple with Raisins and Peanut ButterImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Peanut Butter and Brown Breadimportance of pre workout meal
  • Egg WhitesImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Granola BarsImportance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Hearty SaladImportance Of Pre Workout Meal



If your goal is Fat Loss, all you need is a drink high in caffeine and it should contain good amount of arginine too.

  • Pre workout Drink
  • Black Coffee
    Importance Of Pre Workout Meal
  • Green TeaImportance Of Pre Workout Meal


Conclusion on Importance of pre workout meal

If you consume a pre workout meal, then you workout session will be full of energy, You will not get tired soon and this will give you a productive result.

So, this was all about importance of pre workout meal, I hope this article will be helpful for you. Comment below and share what’s your pre workout meal.

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