• Benefits and side effects of Sports drinks

MYTH – Most of you think, sports drinks are the best way to recover as they contains something very effective which gives instant recovery .

FACT – Sport drinks are nothing but Sugar and water, sugar contains fructose and glucose. Glucose gives you nothing but instant Energy where as fructose turns into body fat and excess of glucose can increase your body weight,


  • Benefits and side effects of protein bar

MYTH – Most of the nutrition brands claim that protein bar is the best substitute of meal, and also a good post workout snack as it contains 22 gms – 30 gms protein in bar also good amount of fats and carbs.

FACT – Though it contains high amount of protein but that is not whey protein, the protein you will find in protein bar is compound protein and major part is soy protein which is considered as a bad protein. Beside this , protein bar is so processed that it lost all its cream nutritional benefits and hence it is good for nothing. and protein bar are so expensive that only rich can afford it.


  • How to build muscle size ?

MYTH – Some of you have learned that a person can build muscle by just depending on vegetarians meal and they work hard but get nothing but just wasting time.

FACT – No vegetable can fulfill your nutritional requirements, as vegetable contains very low amount of protein and carbs which is not enough to build muscle, your muscle need high protein diet that can’t be fulfill by vegetarian meal. So you have to move towards non vegetarian diet and if you are vegetarian then add protein (supplement) to your diet . Also read why we need protein ?


  • Empty stomach workout is good or bad ?

MYTH – You should not workout empty stomach, you can’t lift heavy on an empty stomach, there is lack of glucose while you workout on empty stomach.

FACT – If your goal is fat loss then empty stomach workout is best for you as empty stomach means no source of glucose which means no source of energy then your body will use your body fat as the major source of energy.

NOTE –  empty stomach workout is good only for cardio or fat loss purpose not for muscle building.  if your goal is building muscle then you must have a pre workout meal as you need high energy during workout . Also read Importance of pre workout meal .


  • Side effects of cold drinks and soft drinks

MYTH – Diet soda keep you slim.

FACT – Artificial sweeteners increase food craving.


  • difference between brown bread and white bread ?

MYTH  – Brown bread is better and healthier than white bread.

FACT – Both white bread and brown bread have almost equal amount of calories, and their nutritional content is almost same, the major difference between both the bread is white bread is made up of wheat flour where as brown bread is made up of whole grain flour. Both are healthy and affordable.


  • difference between vegetarian diet and non vegetarian diet ?

MYTH – Vegetarian diet is healthier than non vegetarian diet.

FACT – Yes Vegetarian diet is a healthy diet but not the healthiest as it can’t fulfill our body’s nutrition requirements especially macro nutrients like protein, carbs and fats. Though doctor suggest to eat green vegetable but that doesn’t mean you have to depend on vegetables, you can have non veg meals too. and non veg meals are high in macro nutrients.


  • Back lat pull down

MYTH – Lat pull down behind your head are more effective .

FACT – Pulling the bar behind the head can hurt your shoulder, neck or head as most people don’t have the range of motion to safely do this. and while pulling weights down some people bend their neck forward which can cause them cervical.


  • How weightlifting turns fats into muscle ?

MYTH – Weight lifting turns fat into muscle .

FACT – You can’t turn fat into muscle , this is really stupid if someone tell you they can turn fat into muscle, just ask them, How ? . you can burn your body fat, you can also use your fat as a major source of energy but you can’t turn it into muscle.


  • benefits of deadlift

MYTH – Deadlifts are bad for your back.

FACT – Deadlift is one the most important and beneficial exercise you can do, it has so many benefits and it is considered as a compound exercises as it effects on full body. yess it hurts your back but only if your form is wrong . Is beneficial and dangerous as well if perform in a wrong form.


  • workout or nutrition what is more important

MYTH – More workout will give you better result, totally bullshit.

FACT – Whatever your fitness goals is, if it is muscle gain, weight loss, fat loss or anything else , Achieving your fitness goal has three major requirements i.e., Nutrition , Exercise and rest. So, if you want to achieve your goal you must fulfill all three requirements.


  • Best diet plan

MYTH – Your friend’s or some serious level bodybuilder’s fitness plan will also work for you.

FACT – A fitness plan is made differently for everyone considering many factors like metabolism rate, body type, objective, goals and many more .


  • brown sugar vs white sugar ?

MYTH – Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.

FACT – Brown sugar is the same as white sugar in that it contains the same amount of calories. The only difference is, white sugar is processed and brown sugar is not.


  • Diet plan for weight loss

MYTH – Cut back on carbs to lose weight.

FACT – Cut back on simple carbs but keep complex carbs on the menu. Yess excess of carbs gives you body weight but complex carbs have many benefits that you must add them in your meal.


  • machine workout or free body weight exercise

MYTH – Machines are better than free weights.

FACT – Free weight improves body balance and muscle mind connection.


  • hot water bath or cold water bath or cold shower

MYTH – Hot bath prevents muscle soreness.

FACT – Cold water bath reduces soreness and inflammation.


  • no pain no gain

MYTH – No pain no gain.

FACT – If you feel a sharp pain then stop immediately and seek professional help.


  • stretching before workout

MYTH – You should stretch before every workout.

FACT – Dynamic stretching is better before workout, as it increases mobility in joints and muscles.


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